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Social Media is not going away...

Many believe it’s only going to become more a

part of our everyday lives.  Get started today!

Years from now you’ll be glad you didn’t wait!

What is social media?

A new part of daily life

more important than a website

The term SOCIAL MEDIA is used to describe a variety of websites and apps that people use everyday to communicate, share, play, learn, and inform.  Social media is a fantastic way to get your message, business, product, service, or advertising in front of your customers at no (or very little) expense.


It’s important to understand that whether you want social media for your business or not, it already exists. YES, Facebook, Google, and many other websites have already generated pages for your business whether you gave them permission or not! In many cases, the information used on these pages is out-of-date or incorrect. The public will come across these pages while looking for you, so it’s important your pages are up-to-date, professional and active.

In many ways, social media pages are more important than “official” websites.  If you’re not active with social media, you’re losing business.  It’s a fact.  Google it.  50 percent of consumers think a brand’s Facebook Page is more important than a traditional website.


Why are social media pages more important than a website?


1) Social Media can allow consumers to feel more "connected" to the businesses, products, and services they use.


2) It’s where the people are.  Build your brand and message where your customers visit on a daily basis.  Don’t just sit and wait for them to come to you.


3) Advertising on social media (and Google) is extremely inexpensive and you can focus an advertising campaign on your exact target market.


4) Search Engines. Not only do social media pages give you more opportunity to be found, but they can be a huge help in getting your official website on the first page of Google.

"Spend your time doing what you do best.
If that's not social media, call us."

Why Hire Groupiehead?

1. experience

2. photos & images

3. programming code

Experience... understanding how to use Facebook is not enough… not even close. We spend many hours a day learning and using social media. Groupiehead will ensure every post and update will be relevant in many ways, including search engine optimization. We make sure your posts are visible to the maximum number of people. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Photos and images should be cropped, edited, and color corrected before posting. Too many businesses just post a poor image taken on their cell phone. Groupiehead will make sure the photos and imagery on your social media websites look professional and represent your business well.

Groupiehead understands website programming languages – we’ve been programming websites since the mid-90s. A solid programming background allows us to take advantage of many social media website technologies that non-programmers don’t understand.

4. marketing

5. your website

6. paid advertising

Groupiehead has many years of marketing experience to help guide your social media development in appropriate directions. Unlike other firms, where a college intern is tasked with “thinking up” something to post on your page, your posts (and ultimate success) are important to us. We approach each client’s social media with goals, game plans, strategies and creativity.

Your Website!  If Groupiehead created your website, we can coordinate and integrate many aspects of your social media pages. With Groupiehead able to access and edit your website, in conjunction with your social media, we can improve search engine ranks, information flow, network building, advertising, and many other online aspects of your marketing. If you don’t have a Groupiehead website, it’s about time you got one!

Groupiehead can also use paid advertising as a part of our marketing strategy with your social media. Paid advertising on social media can reach thousands of people for only a few dollars a day! When working with Groupiehead, the costs for the advertising comes out of our budget, not yours!

7. we get it done.

We actually get it done. Groupiehead understands you or your employees that have other more important duties than social media.  At Groupiehead, your social media IS OUR MOST IMPORTANT duty. We keep a time sheet and strategy list for each client to ensure nothing falls behind.

8. consistency & Personal attention

In order to learn your business and keep consistant with your posts, only one person will work your social media and you will have their direct cell phone number and email address. When you have a question, or something important to broadcast, just call, text or email, 24-7-365. (We understand the world doesn’t just exist 9-5 Monday through Friday).

9. We're not you!

You don’t have to worry about it! Spend your time doing what you do best. If something important comes up we’ll contact you. Otherwise, let us worry about your social media. You'll be happy you one less thing to stress about. Go spend time with you family instead.  Rest easy knowing we’re taking care of it.

Snowball! Our process will grow your audience.  The more you build your social media audience, the more affect everything we do will have.  Today you might reach 12 people, but after several months of a solid social media campaign, you might reach 1200.

Our process

First, we scour the Internet and find all your social media pages that have been automatically generated for your business, and we get control of them.  We also get access to pages you've already started, and we set up new pages as needed.


Second, we make sure the information on the pages is correct.  We update the sites and add/edit any necessary imagery to make the pages look fantastic and professional.


Third, we monitor, update, and post to your pages on a regular basis to make your business appear professional, relevant and active.  This will help you reach new people and help your current clients feel more connected to your business, products, and/or services.



If you’re already posting to Facebook, that’s great! Our work won’t interfere with what you already do.  In fact, it will help.  We’ll repost your messages on other social media sites that you don’t have time to deal with or learn yourself.


If at any point you’d like to start making your own posts, we can coach you on how to best use specific social media sites like Facebook.  We’ll also show you how to get your posts reaching more people, and how you can also increase your website’s rank in search engines!



Our packages

Below are several of the typical packages we offer. We understand businesses may need specific customization.  We’d be happy to plan a specific strategy and package for your business. Unlike other firms, we will not lock you into any lengthy contracts.  We're confident you'll trust us and our work, and you're welcome to stop our services at any time.


Basic Package: $100/month. We will regularly monitor your social media websites and deal with any issues/updates that come up.  This package includes up to 2 hours of work throughout the month on social media updates, posts and promotion.  This work may also include website updates and search engine optimization in order to coordinate with your social media. Ideal for: Part-time Businesses, Business to Business...


Medium Package: $175/month. This package includes the basic package with 4 hours of work each month.  The package may also include paid advertising. Ideal for: Small Business, Law Firms, Professional Services...


Large Package: $300/month. This package includes the basic package with 6 hours of work each month.  This package also includes a minimum of $25 worth of paid Facebook advertising each month (2500+ reach) and also includes Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics monitoring, and other services as needed.  Ideal for: Apartments, Hotels, Retail, Small Business...


Marketing Package: $425/month. This package includes the basic package with an additional 8 hours of work each month.  This package also includes a minimum of $50 worth of paid Facebook and/or Google Adwords Express advertising each month (5000+ reach). It includes all of Google’s tools and features with regular updates and monitoring.  This package also includes regular content writing and/or photography for use on social media and websites as needed. Ideal for: Restaurants, Bars, Real Estate, Retail, Entertainment, Healthcare...


Optional Set-Up: $225 (One time). We’ll set up business pages for you on the main social media sites (Facebook, Google+ Twitter, LinkedIn).  We’ll search for various other pages that exist for your business and help you get control of them.  Google Option: Add Google Business, Google Places, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Site Map, and Google Webmaster Tools (+$150).  This option is perfect for a business to get started right away! These set up services can be included with the time spent on any of the packages above. Ideal for: Getting started right away!





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Groupiehead is a creative marketing team based in Albany NY. We have over 17 years of solid, hands-on experience working with a variety of clients with a wide array of budgets and projects.  We’ve been programming websites since they were just boring sentences scrolling up a blank screen. You’ve seen (and heard) our work around town, in print, on television, radio, and the Internet. From lawyers to rockstars, circus performers to restaurant owners, corporate real estate to State agencies… Let Groupiehead guide you down the path to successful design and marketing.  We look at every project as a challenge… a chance to be more creative than the other guys and outwit the competition. We’re big enough to get any job done, but small enough to give you personal attention… and our cell phone numbers! We’ve got enough experience to understand your needs and avoid potential problems - even when you don’t see them coming.  We’re creative enough to give you options you hadn’t thought of, and we’re smart enough to give you better work in less time.

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