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Our Process

First thing we'll do is schedule a meeting.  If you're local, we'll come and visit you at your office.  If you're not local, no problem... we'd be happy to schedule a phone call.  We can also schedule a video call via GoTo Meeting or Google Hangouts so that we can share our computer screen with you as if we were in your office with you!


During this meeting, we'll learn as much as we can about your business.  We'll also take a look at your current website and social media situation and point out specific ways that Groupiehead can help.


Second... we'll go back to our office and take a deeper look at your online presence.  We'll review your website code... we'll see how well you're ranking in search engines... We're review your Facebook  page and your Google Business account.  We'll even review your competition's websites, social media and search engine positions.  Then we'll get back to you with a strategy for success that may include social media management, social media advertising, search engine optimization, Google AdWords, and website updates.


Third... After a gameplan and budget is agreed upon, we'll get access to your pages and begin our work.  In most cases, the first month will be mostly set up and fixing issues.  This may include setting up a Google AdWords account and/or a variety of social media pages.  We'll also work with you to come up with a variety of appropriate posts and marketing strategies.


Forth... After pages are set up and they're performing optimally, we'll begin with the regular management of your social media and advertising.  We'll connect with your current audience and begin to grow and reach new people in your target market.  We'll learn from what we do and improve ads from month-to-month.  Each month we'll send you a hand prepared spreadsheet that tracks the time we spend so you can see exactly what we're doing.  This spreadsheet will also track all your social media stats and website search engine positions, as well as the various tasks we're working on.



Google Review

"I highly recommend Mark at Groupiehead! Mark created our website and has worked as a partner for the past few years in making sure that we are always running properly. He is very willing to answer all my annoying questions and everyone knows how tough it is to find a web guy that will do that! Give Groupiehead a try you will NOT be disappointed!"

Christi Smith

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