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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or often called SEO, is the process of improving a website so that it shows up well in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) when someone performs a search.  The end goal is to increase website traffic.  This work is not only performed behind-the-scenes on your website's code, but also in your website's public content.


The experts at Groupiehead have been helping businesses with their SEO since search engines have been around.  There could be hundreds of factors that play a role in a website's search engine rank.  In addition to the code and content of your website, there are also outside factors that play a huge role in your search engine rank.  Groupiehead will help you with these as well!



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"I highly recommend Groupiehead due to the personalized attention, the quality of the work and the value they provide. My website has been on page 1 of Google since the second month the site was live over a year ago. i have always received an immediate response with effective solutions to my questions and issues. As good as the service is the website design is world class."

David Brickman
Rocket Docket Legal Software

Here's What We'll Do...


First we'll review your website and analyze your current SEO situation.  In most cases, we'll be able to show you over the phone how we can begin making improvements to your site that will help increase your search engine rank.  Groupiehead will work on other "outside" factors such as link building and content creation as needed.  We'll also continually track your website's statistics and we'll review by hand so that you'll have accurate, measurable results of our success.



Why Hire Groupiehead?


1) All of Groupiehead's Search Engine Optimization (and Social Media) services are performed in-house by our experts in our Albany NY office.  Unlike many firms, we do not outsource this work to cheap firms outside the USA and charge you a much higher rate for inferior work.


2) SEO is different for every business.  Groupiehead will work with you to develop a custom plan, designed to achieve your specific goals.


3) At Groupiehead, we're so positive we can be successful for our clients that we GUARANTEE it! If you hire Groupiehead for SEO services, we'll guarantee page 1 results or we'll continue to work with you at no charge until we get you there!



Q: I get emails all the time from people/companies offering search engine optimization services.  Why should I hire Groupiehead instead of them?

A: Ask anyone who has hired one of those services if they've had any success.  We have and can't find anyone that says, "Yes".  In fact, in many cases we've reviewed websites that have supposedly been optimized by other firms and have found no optimization at all!  With Groupiehead, we'll show you the work that we'll perform so you're not in the dark.  And we'll give y0u our cell phone numbers so you reach us anytime!


Q: I've been told I need to pay a monthly fee for search engine optimization.  Is this true?

A: In most cases, no. It will depend on your business and your competition.  This is a little "white lie" that advertising firms use to get more of your money! In most cases, when a website is programmed well enough and showing on the first page, it will stay there without the need of monthly updates.  Monthly work can come in handy for those high value keywords and when more exposure it important.  But many times, monthly "updates" will get you nowhere, so it's important to consult with Groupiehead about your situation.


Q: I've read that I need a blog for good search engine rank.  Is this true?

A: No, you do not need a blog!  But you do need content,  The more content on your website, the better.  If a "blog" is the method you use to get more content on your site, then a blog is great.  Just understand it doesn't need to be a specific blog (or weekly updates)... any "keyword rich" text content will do!

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