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Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising available today.  Groupiehead’s social media advertising services can help you connect to your exact target market quickly and effectively.  We find those people who are likely to be interested in your products and/or services and we put your message in front of them.  For only $5 in paid advertising, you can reach 500-1000 people!  Not only can we target specific demographics like age, location, and income level, we can “retarget” your advertising so recent website visitors will see your ads again as a reminder!



"For several years I was paying to have large a National firm handle my website and social media account. I switched my website and social media account to Groupiehead. During the past year my business referrals via the Internet and social media have increased dramatically and my cost per month for this service is less than I was paying previously.

Mark from Groupiehead is prompt in returning emails and telephone calls and has always acted in a highly professional manner. I would highly recommend Groupiehead if you are in need of a website and social media advertising."

Edwin M. Adeson, Esq.

Here's What We'll Do...


We'll review your situation and make sure your social media is set up to make the best of your paid advertising.  We'll work with you to come up with a gameplan for the best advertising approach for your business.  We'll create ad content for you in multiple variations so that over time, we can compare results and see which ads work best.  We can set up special codes in your advertising so that you can send repeat advertising (retargeting) to people that engaged with your posts in the past.  Most importantly, we'll set up specific "conversion" codes so that we can tell if your advertising is paying for itself,

making sure your money is being spent wisely.


Why Hire Groupiehead?


1) Unlike other advertising firms, Groupiehead doesn't upcharge your advertising.  You only pay Groupiehead for the time we spend working on your account.


2) We understand all the details and tricky parts.  Most businesses that advertise themselves don't set up conversion tracking to tell how well your paid ads are working.  Conversion tracking needs to be set up on social media but also your website.  If you're not recoding your website to track conversions, you missing the most important information about your advertising!


3) We give you our cell phone numbers! We understand that you're trusting Groupiehead with your advertising budget so we want to make sure you can reach us anywhere, anytime... 24/7.



Q: What kind of results should I expect?

A: You will see results month one.  We track and review social media and website stats as performance indicators.  We can set up codes on your website to track if your advertising had the desired result.  And each month, things will improve.  We'll run various ads and improve the ones that are doing well and drop the ones that aren't working.


Q: How do you track success?

A: Different industries will allow for different types of conversion (success) tracking.  We can track a variety of different factors, from phone calls to website clicks. Depending on your business industry and website, we might even be able to tell you exactly how much money your advertising is earning you!

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