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Social Media Management

Social Media Management for business is a great long-term strategy to grow your brand, and increase business. What’s involved is setting up and maintaining a variety of relevant and popular social media pages and websites with the purpose of finding new customers/clients and keeping connected with current customers/clients.


It's proven that consumers will use services and purchase products from brands and businesses that they know. And there's no better way than social media to let your customers and clients know that you appreciate their support.  The more engagement you have with your audience, the stronger you make that customer connection.



"Groupiehead" has been a great asset to my business, very knowledgeable about social mediia, tailored to my specific needs."

Susan Kiley
Saratoga Learning Center

Here's What We'll Do...


First we'll make sure you have all important pages/sites set up correctly and optimally so that we meet exceed your goals.


Next we’ll begin working to increase your exposure and followers.  We’ll start reaching out to people that match your target market and demographics.  We’ll connect with your audience by posting interesting and relevant content and increase engagement (likes, comments, etc.).   In turn, we’ll reply, like, and comment back, turning your customers, clients, and followers into raving fans!  What are raving fans?  Raving fans are those diehard followers that share your posts and spread the word about your company that they love so much.  These efforts will lead to increased website traffic, better leads, and more sales!  Click HERE to review a list of possible tasks Groupiehead may work on during your campaign.



Why Hire Groupiehead?


1) We’re so confident you'll see the success of our work that we don’t require any long-term contracts. We don’t require contracts at all!


2) Our expertise allows us to be more successful and more cost effective than in-house employees.  But we also love strong client relationships!  We’re happy to work with you.  If you like posting to Facebook, we’ll watch your back and strengthen your efforts. You do what you love and we’ll worry about the rest.


3) Paid Advertising. We’ll pay for advertising out of our budget so you don’t have additional bills to pay.  We’re able to make sure your money is spent well in areas that show the most growth.






Q: What kind of results should I expect?

A: You should see increased exposure, likes, and followers in the very first month.  But this is also a long-term process.  In 6-12 months, you should see increased website traffic, leads, and sales. Of course, this depends on your budget level... higher budgets will see larger improvements more quickly than smaller budgets.


Q: Do you respond to messages, comments, and reviews?

A: This is up to you.  In most cases, we can respond for you, thanking people for their comments and reviews... answering common questions. This will save you time and hassle, and allow for a fast response time.  If we don't know how to answer a question or  give a response, we'll contact you via text or email.


Q: I don’t know if I have a Google Business page and if I do, I definitely don’t know how to access it. Can you help?

A: Yes.  Google is very important for many reasons, so it’s extremely important to make sure you’re set up and active. It’s likely Google already has a business listing for you.  We’ll help you find it, claim it, and get it set up and working for you.


Q: What if I'd like to increase my budget for paid advertising once in a while?

A: No problem.  You can change your budget with us from month to month to cover additional paid advertising or increase visibility during slow seasons.





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