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Social Media Tasks

Below is a partial list of possible tasks that Groupiehead may work on for you with any of our monthly packages.  If you're not sure how to perform all the below tasks, it's a good thing you're here and considering Groupiehead for the job!

Various Posting Tasks to Main Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google)

Business News Posts
Events Posts

Self Promotion Posts

Relevant Informational Posts

Local/Current Events Posts

Create EVENT in Facebook and/or Google

Product or Service Specific Posts

Repost of 5 Star Reviews or Great Comments

Contest post

Posts to Inspire/Encourage Engagement

Posts to Promote Other Social Media Pages
Posts to Promote Business Website

Create Posts to Increase Search Engine Position



Review and/or Post to Secondary Social Media sites



Trip Advisor




Various Industry Specific Sites



Paid Social Media and Website Advertising

Facebook Paid Boosts (Pay-Per-View)

Facebook Paid Promotions (Pay-Per-View)

Facebook Paid Pixels (Retargeting)

Google Paid Adwords Express (Pay-Per-Click)

Google Paid Adwords Campaigns (Pay-Per-Click)

Linked Paid Advertising
Linked Paid Targeted Messaging

Instagram Paid Advertising
Other Paid Advertising



Social Media Related Tasks

Track Social Media Stats

Connect Twitter to Facebook

Look for Unclaimed "Generated" Business Pages

Gain Access and Set Up New Pages

LIKE other appropriate Facebook pages

Invite Engagements to Increase Followers

Troubleshoot Social Media accounts
Remove Bad and Unused Pages

Review All Sites for Customer Reviews and Respond

Review All Sites for Customer Comments and Respond

Review All Sites for Customer Messages and Respond

Respond to messages and/or contact client

Review/Update Business Information
Set Up New Features as they Become Available



Website Updates

Review Official Website for Possible Updates

Make Website Updates As Necessary

Set Up Google Analytics

Set Up Google Webmaster Tools

Set Up Bing Webmaster Tools

Create Google Site Map

Add SHARE & FOLLOW Buttons

Add G+ Buttons

Add Other Social Media Buttons, Widgets, & Features



Various Maps and GPS

Review Google Maps and Edit as Necessary

Review Facebook Maps and Edit as Necessary

Review NAVTEQ GPS and Edit as Necessary

Review Tele Altlas GPS and Edit as Necessary

Review Garmin and Edit as Necessary



Create Content

Color Correct & Edit Images as Necessary

Create Banner and MEME Images
Add Business Logo and/or Contact Info to Images

Create Videos and Slideshows with Business Logo

Photo/Video Shoots for Custom Post Content

Animated Logo Video for Post Content
Animated White Board Videos

Create Keyword Rich Articles and Posts



SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Review Google for Website Positions

Review Bing for Website Positions

Review Yahoo for Website Positions

Update Website as Needed for SEO Keywords

Create Additional Strategies for Increased Search Engine Position as Needed


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